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Georgia Institute of Technology Researchers Develop Plans for Weather Station

Georgia Tech Team with inable Team member

Carrie Bruce, pictured in center holding digital weather station, wrote about her recent trip to inABLE Computer-Lab-for-the-Blind at Thika School in Kenya.

From: Carrie Bruce, PhD, CCC-SLP
Research Scientist
Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access
Sonification Lab
Georgia Institute of Technology

To: inABLE

The trip was indeed valuable, particularly for our relationships and research interests. We are all thankful for the welcome from Head Teacher Mokokha, Deputy Principal Mwanthi, and all of the inABLE team. Thika School is an amazing place with dedicated administrators, teachers, and staff.

I was truly impressed by the work that inABLE has completed and started since our last visit in 2010. We debriefed students in Dr. Walker's lab about our visit and had many activities to talk about because we were able to get so much done while we were at Thika. In fact, the first set of photographs we shared with the students was a comparison of the computer lab from 2010 and last week's visit. Many positive changes that indicate the hard work of the inABLE staff. We also talked about the focus groups with students, discussions with teachers, installation of the weather station, the netbook project, and challenges with the existing math and science resources used to convey traditionally visual concepts (e.g., graphs and diagrams). There was much to share and many ideas for next steps.

Thank you for facilitating our program while we were there and taking the wonderful photos of our activities. We are developing plans for the weather station, computer training survey, math software, solar power, and other research projects. We will stay in contact about these plans since the input of the School and inABLE is important to the success of the work.