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inABLE Computer-Labs-for-the-Blind Interns Rise to the Challenge

In January, Ephraim Wachira and James KipLangat Kosgei arrived at the inABLE Computer Lab to begin their inABLE Internship program. They were selected from the high school group that did KCSE exam in 2016. We choose them because they were our best students in computer. During their internship we trained them on the program activities, which took them very little time to learn as they had acquired some skills during their inABLE computer lab schooling in both primary and in high school. All along, their determination and personal interest in computers helped them to be valued contributors. Frankly, they joined the inABLE Thika team at a time when we were very much in need.


Today, we are happy to report that they both successfully completed their internships supporting two inABLE Computer-Lab-for-the-Blind programs at the primary and high school levels. During their internship, they showed confidence and a consistent willingness to work hard, even without supervision. This allowed our inABLE Thika School computer instructors to sometimes leave them at primary station to handle the high school sessions. We engaged them fully on training, accessibility testing, visitors demo and cleaning of the computer labs. Their eight months stay proved to be a rewarding learning experience that benefited the entire inABLE organization and our students.

We thank them for their commitment and wish them all the best. Their positive "can-do" spirit will definitely lead them to success in future endeavors.