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As the year comes to the end, What were your achievements and challenge

inABLE has had a very successful year. inABLE
  • Continued to train more students on our Computer Program at Thika Primary School for the Blind
  • Opened the Our Reading Spaces Library in Kairi Village, Kenya.
  • Hosted Dialogue in the Dark in Kenya for the first time (was an amazing and out of the box experience for the participants)
  • Most of all our new partnership with Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) that will help take our program to the next level by using technology to teach Math and sciences in schools for the blind.
Funding still remains a challenge and we hope to see some changes in the new year. There is hope and very positive energy from the students on our program.

"Why should the blind and the visually impaired be equipped with IT skills and knowledge?"


As we work so hard to make inABLE a success , we come across many people who have no idea what a blind person can do with technology. People ask many questions, completely unsure of how a blind or visually impaired person can use a computer.

Our goal is to set up computer labs in the eight schools for the blind in Kenya and other countries within the African continent

The truth is, we are powering posibilites and the possibilities are limitless with the power of technology.

Who is inABLE?


2 boys

We endeavor to empower blind and visually impaired people throughout Africa, by giving them access to educational resources including technology which will enable them to use their knowledge and skills to positively impact their lives and their communities.

This blog has been set up to allow blind and visually impaired people throughout Africa to express themselves and share there thoughts.