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Vision & Mission


 We envision a world where disability is not inability. A community where individuals with disabilities have access to the same educational, technological, and employment opportunities as the non-disabled.



To Empower the Blind and Visually Impaired Students in Africa through Assistive Computer Technology.

By bringing a complete assistive computer-technology environment and curriculum to an underserved population, inABLE strives to lessen the educational gap between sighted children and blind or visually impaired children in Africian schools.

Using computer assistive technology, effective training, and utter dedication, inABLE celebrates the educational advancements that completely blind and visually impaired students can achieve when given the opportunity to learn computer technology. inABLE also ardently advocates for the adoption of educational policy that truly supports the use of computer assistive technology in specials schools for the blind in Africa. This includes the use of computer assistive technology: education curriculum, accessible hardware, training of teachers and more.