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Totally Blind High School Teacher Aims to Discover Far-Reaching Potential of Computer Technology

Thika High School Teacher John Mark demonstrates new keyboard skills

 Written by: Carolyn Ngondi, Computer Instructor, inABLE

[Photo Caption: Thika High School Teacher John Mark demonstrates new keyboard skills]

When we started training teachers computer skills at the Thika High School for the Blind, John Mark had never used computers before. Because he was totally blind, he decided to start by mastering the keyboard keys. Typically, most students take three months to fully utilize the keyboard, including typing. Not John, he surprised everyone when he mastered the keyboard in 20 minutes.

This accomplishment was really amazing. The passion he had to learn the keys was inspirational. He joyfully called out: “Teacher just watch as I type a story for you.

As an inABLE Computer Instructor every moment of computer discovery is cherished. However, when a student – particularly a teacher – has such an immediate connection and rapid learning curve the celebratory reaction is pure happiness. In a few short minutes, computer technology gave John a new avenue to communicate, learn, and share his knowledge.

John’s newest desire is to be as computer proficient as sighted teachers. To reach this goal, he is committed to never missing a lesson. To ensure he is never late, he arrives early.  This focus will no doubt help him to increase his computer abilities.

As an instructor I feel rewarded by his enthusiasm and will continue to support his progress until he reaches his full potential. If the joy and smiles John emits are indicators, I better be ready to fly. The sky will be his only limitation!

Disability is NOT inability.