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Thankful Student Praises inABLE Computer Lab's Many Benefits


Photo caption: Administrators & students ready for computer lessons at inABLE Computer Lab opening January 2016

Written by: Jane Kangai, inABLE Africa Computer Instructor

Special thanks to inABLE for establishing a computer-lab-for-the-blind at St. Lucy’s School for the Visually Impaired. The computer program has been a source of light and a channel to the outside world. It has been has highly effective in improving learning standards of participants, including students and teachers.

Yvonne, who is one of the class six students, has experienced lots of timesaving benefits since beginning computer skills lessons. She explains that before the computer lab she and other students went to the library to do research in the company of their teacher. In some instances, another class of students was already using the library space and her entire lesson time was wasted just waiting. As a result of the computer lab program, Yvonne can now do online Internet research on areas covered by the teacher and other topics prior to introduction by the teacher. Additionally, by using computer technology students can access online books i.e. story books through the use of a screen reader program installed on the computers.

Yvonne adds that she really enjoys the computer lab environment because there is usually minimal noise during typing lessons, unlike others classes where she encounters the loud noise generated from the heavy braille machines used by the totally blind pupils.